About Cappadocia Balloon Tour

The climate in Cappadocia is exceptional for flying balloons, due to its extremely calm and predictable nature. Flights generally take place in the early morning (because the weather is more stable), and the average distance we cover, in accordance with the wind speed and direction, is anywhere from two to fifteen miles. The height at which we fly will vary from tree top level - where we enjoy contour flying at low level amongst the ‘Fairy Chimneys’ in the canyons and valleys (for which the weather in Cappadocia is uniquely suited), to several thousand feet up: the perfect vantage point to observe the majesty of Cappadocia.

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Best Seasons:All Seasons
Popular Location:Cappadocia/Turkey

Cappadocia Balloon Tour

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Cappadocia Balloon Standart Flights

1 Hour

Depending on the number of the people that sign up for the standard balloon ride, we use basket with a capacity of 20 people. The flight will last minimum 60 minutes. Once you’re airborne your pilot will point out the…

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    Cappadocia Balloon Exclusive Flights

    1,5 Hour

    We fly through the Cappadocian Valleys for one hours in a private balloon for only “two” or “four” passengers. Our personal touch and professional experience will definitely make your flight “a memorable event” for long years to come. Your exclusive…

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